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Intellectual Property Law

TYMENKO, PLLC provides a broad range of legal services in the area of intellectual property law, including copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets.


We combine in-depth knowledge of U.S. law and international law with the ability to find the most effective legal solutions to protect the intellectual property rights of our clients. We will help you in the process of registration and protection of copyrights and trademarks in the United States and internationally.


Copyright is particularly important in such spheres as literature and publishing, music, film and television, art, architecture, design and fashion, science and education, software, video games, Internet and social media. Our law firm provides assistance with registration of copyright for various works of authorship. We counsel on compliance with copyright law and protection of copyrights against infringements, as well as on transfers of copyright ownership and termination of copyright ownership transfers. Also, we advise on the issues related to ownership of copyright, such as joint authorship and collective works, derivative works and adaptations, and works made for hire.


Trademarks play a fundamental role in safeguarding your brand and business reputation. Our law firm assists with trademark searches and registration of trademarks and service marks for new and established businesses. We advise on federal registration of trademarks, registration of trademarks in the State of New York, and international trademark registration. Additionally, we advise on such aspects of brand development as trade dress and domain name issues. We consult on licensing, assignment and acquisition of trademarks and other intellectual property. We also help with issues related to the use of trademarks by third parties and protection of trademarks against infringements, including counterfeiting and unfair competition.


Trade secrets should be secured against disclosure and misappropriation. We advise on effective maintenance of trade secrets and assist with development and implementation of policies and confidentiality agreements aimed at protection of trade secrets.

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