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Entertainment, Arts and Sports Law

TYMENKO, PLLC law firm is providing expert legal advice on a variety of entertainment law, art law and sports law matters to clients in the United States and throughout the world.


We provide legal services to clients involved in the development and distribution of all forms of creative works. We focus on serving the legal needs of clients in such spheres as literature and publishing, music, film, television, radio, theater, art, architecture and design, fashion, advertising, video games, social media and sports. 


We consult on contract and commercial matters, registration and protection of copyrights and trademarks, rights of privacy and publicity, immigration and international law issues in the areas of art and entertainment.


We advise on various legal matters in the music industry, such as music recording and publishing, live performing, touring and music licensing. We provide legal advice to musicians, singers, songwriters, composers, producers, as well as record and publishing companies. We help with negotiation and drafting of such agreements as songwriter agreements, producer agreements, as well as recording, publishing and licensing agreements.


We advise on legal matters in the spheres of film and television. We assist with negotiation and drafting of contracts, and provide legal advice regarding the development, production, distribution and marketing stages of filmmaking. We offer legal services to actors, directors, producers and other creative professionals in the film and television industries.


Our law firm also counsels on the legal issues in the areas of literature and publishing. As a result of the development of the Internet and digital technologies, publishing businesses face new kinds of legal challenges. We provide legal advice to authors, publishers and other professionals in the sphere of print and digital publishing.


New York is one of the world's leading art markets. TYMENKO, PLLC law firm provides legal services in the field of art law. We provide legal advice with regard to creation, sale, acquisition, auction, licensing, lending and display of works of art.


We advise on various transactional legal matters in the sphere of fine art and antiques, including contract and commercial, intellectual property and international trade issues.


Our law firm also counsels on protection of artists' rights, and advises collectors, art dealers and art galleries on various art law issues.

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