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Corporate Law, Mergers and Acquisitions

TYMENKO, PLLC law firm provides legal advice and assistance with formation and operation of the following legal entities in New York:

–  Limited Liability Company

–  Professional Limited Liability Company

–  Partnership

–  Corporation

–  Professional Service Corporation

–  Not-for-Profit Corporation

We will help you to choose the correct legal structure for your entity to ensure that it meets your current objectives and long-term goals.


We will prepare the formation documents required for the registration of your entity, as well as other legal documents essential for your type of entity, such as operating agreement, bylaws, shareholder agreement, minutes and other documents.


We will advise you on the licensing and other legal requirements for your business. We will also help you to identify and prepare the agreements and other documents necessary for the successful operation of your business.


TYMENKO, PLLC law firm also provides legal advice on business mergers and acquisitions.

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