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Fashion and Luxury Law

TYMENKO, PLLC law firm is providing a full range of legal services in the sphere of fashion and luxury law.


We provide legal advice on the regulation of such areas of fashion business as textiles and apparel, footwear, accessories, jewelry, cosmetics and fragrances. We consult on the design, manufacturing, distribution, retail, import and export, licensing, advertising and marketing, and other fashion law issues.


We assist clients with both domestic and cross-border transactions. Our services include negotiation, drafting and review of agreements on various aspects of business law. In particular, we focus on agreements for sale of products, supply agreements, distribution, marketing, franchise and licensing agreements, employment agreements and lease agreements.


Effective protection of intellectual property rights plays a crucial role for the development of your brand in the fashion industry. We help with registration of trademarks and copyrights, licensing of IP rights, as well as with protection against trademark and copyright infringements, such as counterfeiting, unauthorized copying, unfair competition and violation of license terms.


Our law firm also provides advice on corporate law matters. We will help you to choose the legal structure for your fashion business and will assist you with its formation and registration.


In today’s age of globalization, understanding the legal regulation of international trade is particularly important for the development and operation of a fashion business.


We advise on import and export, outsourcing, supply and distribution, advertising and marketing, and other international fashion law issues.


We also consult on the U.S. immigration law regulation of the fashion industry, including such issues as work visas for international models and other fashion professionals.


TYMENKO, PLLC will help you to successfully establish, develop and protect your fashion business.

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